Man could hope to understand how the world works,and, moreover, that we could do this by observing the real world. ®D®DBy Stephen Hawking
Moon knows
Sun knows
Strong light
Plant shining
Discovering course
We found many super-normal changes of the moon and the sun by chance, which arrested our attentions, and we were aware that the camera maybe find something invisible to the naked eye. Then, we really took many inconceivable pictures, such as the orbs, the strong light or brilliant rays, the unknown luminous body, and so on. At some place we took some special pictures about the plants and the rooms glowing. When the camera shot people, we even found some unimaginable, unique phenomena of human body°≠°≠
What a surprise! But it is so hard to understand. So welcome more interested lovers to study these phenomena, and we believe a more extensive and more wonderful world behind the pictures.
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